Our Approach

Rely on data to inform process

We obsess over the details within the data to drive how we work with you and how we measure success.

Deliver innovative business design

Our number one priority is to provide immediate value while also maximizing long term sustainability.

execute through iterative software development

We develop and implement solutions to drive efficiencies within your business and help grow your bottom line. 

Our Team


Ben Parsa

Ben is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys fostering an entrepreneurial high growth culture, and actively working with clients to ensure their go to market strategy is optimized for their goals.

Prior to starting Parsa Collective, Ben founded Dot & Bo in 2013, a story-centric home furnishings brand targeting millennials. As COO, Ben was in charge of day-to-day leadership and management, as well as building an award winning content-commerce model that scaled the company 17x since the brand's inception in 2013.

Ben received his BFA in Industrial & Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is fluent in 4 languages.


Andy beering

Andy is a founding member of Parsa Collective and a software developer specializing in e-commerce and enterprise solutions. Having founded his first software company before he graduated high-school, he has over twenty years experience architecting scalable business platforms for many prominent e-commerce companies. 

Andy is a San Francisco native and an avid Giants fan. In his spare time, Andy writes fiction and drinks bourbon. 


Brian sung

Brian is a founding member of Parsa Collective and leads project management, customer lifecycle management and product related efforts.

Prior to joining Parsa Collective, Brian was a early employee at Dot & Bo where he helped raise the company's Series B financing round, spearheading due diligence, financial planning and investor communications. Brian went on to lead business operations, marketing and product throughout his tenure. Brian began his career at Hall Capital Partners, an investment management firm for institutions and high net worth individuals.

Brian graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Political Economy.


Sarah frank

Sarah Frank is a UX/UI product designer with a background in classic graphic design. Her work spans from branding, email marketing and creative design, to user experience, UI systems and art direction. Sarah is a passionate designer that enjoys both the big and small aspects of a project, from building out strategic solutions to the fine details like fonts and colors.

Prior to joining Parsa Collective, Sarah worked at Dolls Kills as the UX/UI designer on the product team where she helped drive high-impact changes to user experience, transactional emails, and branding. She also worked at Dot & Bo as head of design, where she led art & brand direction, email marketing strategies and UX/UI efforts. 


Jessica Sutton

Jessica joined Parsa Collective to lead merchandising, content creation, public relations and creative marketing related efforts.

Prior to joining Parsa Collective, Jessica worked at Bloomingville where she was responsible for the development of content across website, email and customer acquisition. Jessica was also an instrumental employee at Dot & Bo where she led the merchandising & curation team and worked alongside product and engineering to automate the content publishing process.

Jessica graduated from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Social Sciences and a concentration in Public Art Management.


Safi sandila

Safi joined Parsa Collective to lead data science and technology solutions related efforts.

Safi began his career at Deloitte where he developed and optimized global processes for Fortune 50 companies based on business requirements and technology constraints. After 7 years at Deloitte, Safi joined Dot & Bo to lead operations and the data science team, helping to provide actionable, executable insights to complex problems.

Safi graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


mubarak bijinemula

Mubarak is a specialist in designing web applications, where he leads UI development and UX design for Parsa Collective.

Mubarak has over 20 years of experience in front end web development and has worked with some of the world's largest startups.




sumanth thikka

Sumanth joined Parsa Collective as a full stack developer where he focuses on both front end development and database architecture.

Sumanth was an integral part of the Dot & Bo engineering team, helping to build the CMS and storefront experience and has years of experience working with clients globally.